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Black Lives Matter

On Saturday August 3rd 2020, history was made. 18 artists came together to create a Black Lives Matter mural in Indianapolis on historic Indiana Avenue.

With each vibrant and emotionally designed letter, the mural embodies the ongoing fight for racial justice and equality in America and around the world. 

Group Photo by wildstyle.jpg

Indy 10 Black Lives Matter, Mali Jeffers, Alan Bacon, Stacia Murphy and other community

groups organized the painting of a 'Black Lives Matter' mural on Indiana Avenue, seen Monday, Aug. 3, 2020. Indiana Avenue has served as a historic area for Black culture and life in Indianapolis. -Indianapolis Star

Image by Wildstyle copyright 2020

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"Just one week after it was painted, a black lives matter mural in Indianapolis was defaced."


A message from the organizers and artists of the Indy Black Lives Matter mural:

"Creative activism and advocacy in the public realm unfortunately necessitate that we anticipate moments like this. The main goal of the Indianapolis Black Lives Matter Mural on Indiana Avenue is to amplify the message of the movement. The location was selected to remind patrons of both the historical and the ongoing displacement of Black communities in that area of our city.

This hateful act demonstrates that we have been effective in that aim.

The vandalism that occurred is a visual depiction of what hate looks like. The message of our art provokes the evils and cowardice that some still refuse to acknowledge, and the vandalism is but one small confirmation that the fight toward justice and equity is far from over. We are grateful to everyone who has offered to help. What we need and want is legislative change that protects Black lives and holds badged murderers accountable for their actions.

What we want is to stop being killed for the color of our skin.

What we need is your voice and your continued cries to end racism and the erasure of Black lives.

Once again, art is the beautiful backdrop and springboard for our country’s largest and most critical conversations, especially those focused on this movement. Thank you for the support and know that we remain proud to do our part in this fight."   -EIGHTEEN

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